Kid’s Products by Zoya

Stamp Pal

Unleash your creativity with Zoya Stamp Pal!

Stencils can be used interchangeably to create names, words, or symbols – the possibilities are endless! Fun for kids or anyone who loves arts and crafts projects!

    • Great for kids’ craft projects
    • Easily personalize luggage or duffel bags
    • Customize T-shirts with words or designs
    • Interchangeable stencils easily snap into place
    • A collection of letters and shapes comes with each kit
    • Can be used on a multitude of textures with various paints
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA
    • Patented


    Use Stamp Pal for all kinds of crafting projects!

    From shirts to bags, unleash your kids inner creativity!

    Watch Me Grow Mirror

    Personal kid-length mirror designed just for children!

    The Watch Me Grow Mirror is a fun addition to a bedroom or hallway. Constructed of durable ABC plastic, each mirror comes with installation hardware and easy instructions to ensure accurate measurement. Once installed your child can have fun with their mirror as they watch themselves grow!

    • Mark the height of the child as they grow
    • Document special dates on the slide to show progress
    • Adjustable height levers
    • Can be used with multiple children
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA
    • Patented